The Motherhood Project


I am working on a series of podcast conversations for ABC Radio National. The project is called Motherhood vs Otherhood and it will look at the many dimensions of the life-changing precipice faced by every woman at some point in her career: will I or wont I pursue motherhood, knowing that this decision that will likely have the single greatest impact on my career? 

With a specific focus on women-in-the-arts, we will explore some of the most problematic intersections of our time: mothering and creativity, partnering and independence, economics and art.

CALL OUT for female artists and academics

If you are willing to be interviewed for this podcast, or wish to share recommend readings or scholarly studies related to this, or simply want to stay in the loop on this topic, please get in touch! I’m keen to engage with Boomers, Gen-X’s and Millennial’s for your respective thoughts and experiences on this issue. 

Email me any time at: