All photos for the AGNSW Look Magazine feature, below, taken by Jennifer Leahy
Living room library. Artworks along the art shelf L to R: S. Mestrom, oil on canvas, 2015; Bridie Lunney, found object, 2012; Deborah Ostrow, photomontage, 2010; Yvette Copper-Smith, oil on canvas, 2017; S. Mestrom oil on canvas 2019; Yvette Copper-Smith, oil on canvas, 2015; Marc de Jong, oil and acrylic on canvas, 2008.
Entrance foyer. ‘Self Portrait’, hand cast bronze, S. Mestrom
Dining room
Art room. Seen on the back wall: Delft ceramic plate, hand painted for Ursula Mestrom, 1942.
Images: Top: ‘Don’t Push the River’, screen print, 2022, S. Mestrom. Bottom: Ushie Meander, oil painting, 1926 (paintings depicting my great-grandparents)
Ceramic vase (S. Mestrom, 2015); bronze maquettes (S. Mestrom 2020)
Sphinx in Repose (S. Mestrom 2018)