The Nothing

Damiano Bertoli, Lou Hubbard, Sanné Mestrom, Deborah Ostrow, Daniel Price, Matthew Shannon & Jackson Slattery

A West Space Project Curated by Kelly Fliedner

16 April–8 May 2010

‘The Nothing’ explores realms of the unknown and potentially unknowable aspects of human understanding— the things that we can’t fully comprehend or for which words and recognisable forms simply do not exist. The exhibition’s title, ‘The Nothing’, is taken from the childhood fable The Neverending Story, wherein an indescribable ‘emptiness’ pervades Fantasia (the mythical land in which the story takes place), chronicling the gap between islands of human knowledge and understanding. ‘The Nothing’ addresses liminal spaces, transposing and transforming materials from the familiar to the foreign in order to explore themes of uncertainty and crisis.

Catalogue Essay by Kasia Pawlikowski

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Final_The Nothing_Essay

The Nothing