Mestrom’s sculptural works investigate the politics of the body and the elusive nature of ‘value’ in artworld ecologies, particularly the way such values are gained and lost over time. Her art practice makes particular reference to the female form as a catalyst for exploring the ways in which art history and culture continue to specify values, which in reality are fluid and always evolving.

By bringing these contested ideologies out of the gallery and into the realm of civic space, Mestrom alter’s the terms on which artistic value is set. For this reason, her sculptural works critically incorporate the participatory potential of “play” as a means to question the physical and social consequences of urban design. Simultaneously, her works shift the “hands-off” convention of viewing art toward a more inclusive “hands-on” engagement with the work, subverting the museological conventions of Art by softening the assumed division between art and everyday life (Kaprow 1993). 

The benefits of her large-scale playable-sculptures are clear: these intergenerational, playable works activate public spaces intellectually, imaginatively as well as physically. They engage the people traversing these spaces on two core levels – on the one hand as contemporary, site-responsive conceptual artworks, and on the other hand as interactive, intergenerational sites of play.

Selected Curriculum Vitae
Sanné Mestrom
Represented by Sullivan + Strumpf, Sydney
Lectures at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney
Australian Research Council Fellow ART/PLAY/RISK

11 RMIT University, Masters in Public Art
08 RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, PhD, Fine Art
00 RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, Bachelor of Arts, Fine Art (Hons)

Selected solo exhibitions and projects
21 Sullivan + Strumpf, Body as Verb
19 Sullivan + Strumpf, There is a Poem
18 McClelland Gallery + Sculpture Park, Black Paintings
18 Gippsland Art Gallery, Victoria, CORRECTIONS
17 Sullivan + Strumpf, Sydney, CORRECTIONS
17 Westbourne Grammar, Truganina, Vic, Loose Variables
16 RMIT Project Space, Melbourne, Leftovers
16 Sullivan + Strumpf, Sydney, Leftovers
14 Monash University Museum of Art (Ian Potter Sculptural Court Commission), Melbourne: Weeping Women
14 Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, Black Paintings
13 LaTrobe Regional Gallery, The Internal Logic
13 West Space, Melbourne, The Internal Logic
12 Substation, Melbourne, New Fillings
12 Chalk Horse, Sydney, The Reclining Nude
11 Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne, The Reclining Nude
10 Chalk Horse; Sydney, Shaker Peg
09 Chalk Horse, Sydney, Things Fall Down. Sometimes We Look Up.
08 RMIT School of Art Gallery, Melbourne, Certain Sacrifices (PhD Examination exhibition)
07 Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand, A history of space is the history of wars
07 Rm103, ARI, Auckland, New Zealand, Passing through
07 Dep-art-ment, ARI, Auckland, New Zealand, Slump
06 Spacement Gallery, Melbourne, A history of space is the history of wars
06 Counter Point Project Space, Hardware Lane, Melbourne, What keeps us this side of that dark line?
05 TCB Inc., Melbourne, A man’s name
04 Spacement Gallery, Melbourne, The Myth of a Political Vision
04 Conical, Melbourne, At the Foot of Justice
03 ClubsProject, Melbourne, Site of Critical Feedback
03 Spacement Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, Site of Cultural Negotiation
00 First Site, RMIT Student Union Gallery, Melbourne, If These Walls Could Talk

Curated group exhibitions and collaborations
19 Art Gallery of Ballarat, Victoria, A World of One’s Own, curated by Tai Snaith
19 McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery, Victoria, Serial, Curated by Simon Lawrie
19 Verge Gallery, Sydney, Still Life, curated by Adam Stone
19 RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, Melbourne Modern: European art and design at RMIT since 1945,Curated by Jane Eckett
18 Tarra Warra Museum of Art, Tarra Warra Biennale: From Will to Form, curated by Emily Cormack
18 McClelland Gallery + Sculpture Park, Victoria, Another Dimension, curated by Simon Lawrie
17 Carriageworks, curated into Installation Contemporary section of Sydney Contemporary, curated by Chief Curator MCA Rachel Kent and Assistant Curator Megan Robson.
16 Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney: Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, curated by MCA Senior curator Natasha Bullock
16 Melbourne Public Art Biennial Lab, curated by Natalie King, Trade School (as part of The Mechanics Institute)
15 Shepparton Art Muesum, Shepparton: Sydney Myer Ceramic Award
14 Rosalyn Oxley 9 Gallery, Sydney: Never Neverland
14 McClelland Sculpture Park, McClelland Sculpture Survey and Award, Melbourne
14 Margaret Lawrence Gallery, VCA Melbourne University, Assembly: Contemporary Ceramics, curated by Kay Abude
14 Platform Projects, I always read by listening to the text, curated by Martina Copley
13 Heidi Museum of Modern Art: Future Primitive; curated by Linda Michael
13 ACCA, Melbourne: NEW 13; curated by Charlotte Day
13 Chalk Horse gallery, Sydney: Bathysphere; curated by James Kerr
13 Art Space Hobart: Enucleo Contemporary Clay, curated by Serena Rosevear and Patrick Sutczak
13 Stockroom Gallery, Kyneton: Consequences; Curated by Anabelle Lacroix
12 Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne: Pretty Air & Useful Things; curated by Rosemary Forde
12 West Space, Melbourne: Ode to Form, curated by Kelly Fliedner
12 The Substation: Sub12, curated by Jessica Bridgfoot
12 Utopian Slumps, Melbourne: Form and Ground, curated by Jane O’Niell and Melissa Loughnan
12 First Draft, Sydney; On the Y-Axis: Considering Vertical Perspective, curated by Venita Publacki
11 Gertrude Contemporary: OCTOPUS 11:The Matter of Air ; curated by Jacqueline Doughty
11 Gertrude Contemporary; Melbourne: GERTRUDE STUDIOS 2011
11 Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney: Social Sculpture , curated by Charlotte Day
11 UTS Gallery, Sydney, Creative Accounting, curated by Holly Williams
10 Gertrude Contemporary; Melbourne: GERTRUDE STUDIOS 2010
10 Block Projects, Melbourne: Not Fair , curated by Ashley Crawford, Tony Lloyd, Sam Leach
10 West Space Melbourne & Chalk Horse Sydney: The Nothing , curated by Kelly Fliedner
10 KINGS ARI, Melbourne: A Quarter Turn on Every Screw , curated by Kel Glastier
10 West Space, Melbourne, Things I wish I’d known; A West Space Committee project
10 West Space Melbourne & Chalk Horse Sydney, The Nothing, curated by Kelly Fliedner
10 Gambia Castle, Auckland, Carry On Stow Away, curated by Kate Newby
10 Kings ARI, Melbourne, A quarter turn on every screw; curated by Kel Glaister and Tamsin Green
09 Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne, Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, curated by Olivia Polini
08 Linden Gallery, Melbourne, An ideal for living, curated by Simon Gregg
08 Rembrandts: Nine Installations, public art and urban architecture project, coordinated by Simon Whibley (RMIT Architecture, Urban Architecture Laboratory)
07 Gippsland Regional Gallery, Sale, Victoria, Life is Sweet: Contemporary Australian Watercolour, Curated by Bryony Nainby
07 Munster, Germany, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (with Kate Newby)
06 Siemens Scholarship exhibition, RMIT Storey Hall, Melbourne, (Recipient of Siemens Fine Art Award)
06 Robert Jacks Drawing Prize, Bendigo Regional Gallery, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
06 Portrait of Salote, curated by Salote Twale, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
06 Text Me, Spacement Gallery, curated by Glen Walls
06 Selekta, WestSpace, Melbourne, Australia
05 “I’m travellin’ light’, curated by Deborah Ostrow, Spacement Gallery, Melbourne
05 One anothers other world, Curated by Peter Westwood, Alliance Francaise, St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia
04 The Time Image, Counihan Gallery in Brunswick, Curated by Phe Rawnsly, Melbourne, Australia
04 Sensoria, Conical, Fitzroy, Melbourne (part of the Sensoria Conference, hosted by RMIT)
04 Multiple Miscellaneous Alliances, CLUBSProject, curated by Bianca Hester, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia
04 The Conceptual Reconstruction of Brunswick, Counihan Gallery in Brunswick, Curated by Alex Daglish, Melbourne
02 Trope, Honours graduate exhibition, Bus Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
02 My Blues Book, curated and self-published by Kate Newby, Starkwhite, Auckland, New Zealand
02 Take it Away – (curated with Helen Johnson) Seventh Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

10-12 Studio Residency, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne
09 Artist Residency, SOMA, Mexico City
07 Shortlisted for the Rijksakademie, Amsterdam
01 Artist in residence, Sangmyong University, Seoul, South Korea

External Grants / Funding / Major Commissions
22 Lake MacQuarrie Commission, MAP (current)
22 Geelong City Council Commission (current)
18 Australia Council New Work Grant
17 Winner, Woollarah Small Sculpture Prize
17 Public Art Commission, Westbourne Grammar, Truganina, Vic, Loose Variables
14 Monash University Museum of Art Ian Potter Sculpture Commission for New Public Art
14 Australia Council for the Arts
14 Arts Victoria; New Work Grant
14 Federation University Research Grant
13 Brae Public Art Commission for New Work, the Otways, Victoria
13 City of Melbourne; New Works Grant
13 Australian Centre for Contemporary Art: Commission for NEW13
12 Arts Victoria; Creation Grant
12 Monash University; Creative Works Grant
12 Monash University; Education Grant
12 Monash University; Special Project Funding Grant
10 Chartwell Trust Independent Funding, New Zealand
09 Arts Victoria; Creation Grant
07 Arts Victoria; International Grant
07 Arts Victoria; Creation Grant 07 NAVA Janet Holmes Artist Grant

15 Shortlisted, Sydney Myer Ceramic Award, Shepparton Art Museum
13 Winner, Credit Suisse / Art & Australia Emerging Artist Award for 2013/14
11 Winner, John Fries Memorial Prize, Sydney
11 Shortlisted, Maddocks Art Prize
10 Shortlisted, Georges Mora Foundation Fellow Arts Victoria Creation (Visual Arts) Grant
08 Winner, Siemens Post Graduate Fine Art Scholarship Award
06 Shortlisted, Robert Jacks Drawing Prize, Bendigo Regional Gallery

Academic/Research Awards
22 Australia Research Council, Discovery Early Career Researcher Award
14 Academic Promotion to Senior Lecturer, Level C
13 Awarded Faculty of Art Design & Architecture Early Career Researcher Award, Monash University
13 Nominated for Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research by an Early Career Researcher
13 Selected as a mentee for the 2013 Mentoring Scheme for Women, Monash University
06 Siemens Post Graduate Fine Art Scholarship Award, RMIT University (for PhD Research)
05 Australian Federation of University Women, Daphne Elliot Research Award (for PhD Research)
04 Australian Post Graduate Award (for PhD Research)

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What keeps us this side of that dark line?
Paperback, 1800mm x 2500mm
ISBN 978-0-646-47797-8